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Buy Kaws Moonrocks Flavs Online

Buy Kaws Moonrocks Flavs Online, sometimes referred to as cannabis caviar or infused flower, are a highly potent mixture of marijuana flower, concentrate, and kief. The Kaws moon rocks gets its moniker because of its astronomical THC levels—the psychoactive effects have some cannabis enthusiasts feeling like they’re walking on the moon. kaws moon rocks for sale. Recently, Moon Rock products have started to expand into new avenues. For instance, some cannabis companies have created moon rocks that are THC free and have a high CBD content. Others cater to people who prefer to shop for pre-rolls designed to emulate the moon rock experience. They’re created by coating a finished pre-roll in concentrate and rolling it in kief. This allows you to experience Moon Rocks without having to make them yourself and deal with the mess.

What Are Kaws Rocks Made Of?

Making kaws rocks is easier than you might think. You take a strain of marijuana flower—often Girl Scout Cookies—and coat it with a concentrate. The easiest concentrate to use is hash oil, though it truly depends on your own preferences. Once the flower is covered in concentrate, you roll it in kief, the dried trichomes from the cannabis flower. This process ensures you are adding the potency of the original flower to both the concentrate’s and kief’s potencies. buy kaws rocks hawain punsh

How Do You Smoke kaws Rocks?

Kaws Moon rocks are usually quite sticky so you have to adjust your smoking process a little to avoid making a mess and ruining your valuable cannabis. To start, you’re going to want to use scissors instead of a grinder to break your Kaws moon rocks into more consumable pieces. Then, grab a glass hand pipe or water pipe. (Whatever you do, don’t try to roll kaws rocks into rolling papers for a “joint” or blunt.) Buy Kaws Moonrocks Flavs Online, wedding cake x forbidden fruit

kaws moon rocks for sale

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