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OG Kush, originated from Northern California, has a unique fragrance and powerful effects. We can’t compare this distinct strain with other marijuana strains and this makes it popular worldwide. This cannabis is a cross between the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg plant. There is still a debate for the meaning of the term OG.  Anyway because of its origins, many users agreed its name OG as ‘Ocean Green’. It attracts all types of users starting from famous Hollywood movie actors to normal users smoking for medical benefits. 18% THC.


The tremendous strong effects of the OG Kush listed as the favorite strain by most cannabis smokers. The dank and strong tone of this unique strain produces long-lasting effects after smoking. It delivers both mental and physical power.  This Indica dominant strain offers the effects most similar to Sativa. The high THC and India give a Euphoric and pleasant effect that makes this strain very popular.


The aroma of this marijuana strain is unique, almost similar to strong detergent or fuel, peppery with a little citrus. The complex and strong flavor of OG Kush offers extraordinary medical benefits. Patients with depression, insomnia, severe pain, stress, and anxiety get relief from this strain. Buy OG Kush Online to treat your nausea problem immediately.

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